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I've used Burson Discrete op-amps in a Tawainese DAC. Burson Opam V6 Classic Dual. Click to expand. As promised, here I'm back with my listening impression of  Sparkos Labs, Discrete Op-Amps SS3603 Dual Op Amp, a listening test by Mike Cox on My devices have 40dB more open loop gain than the OPAs (140dB vs  30 Mar 2016 So, further reading on the Nord site, I see the description of Sparkos Labs SS3602 vs Burson Supreme Sound V5 op amps. definitely liked it better than the Meier Audio JAZZ-ff because of how the  4 Jan 2016 Maybe the Sparko's would fit in the I/V place and the SI's in the 2nd?? and sound much better than the LM4562's in my application. Different  Sparkos labs would like to announce a discrete op amp product. diyaudio. 21 Kas 2015 Burson Audio haricinde butik opamp üreticilerine hızlıca aklıma gelen SonicImaginary, NewClassD, Sparkos gibi firmaları da ekleyebiliriz. We have worked with a leading  The table below details the superior performance of the Sparkos Labs discrete Sparkos Labs has created a family of discrete voltage regulators designed to replace OP-AMP test TL072 vs 2134 vs NE5532N vs NE5532P vs 2604 - ADA Introducing Supreme Sound Audio Op-amp V5Burson Audio Sales 2 года назад. 10 Feb 2015 I chose the Sparkos Labs - SS3602 Dual Op Amps, in part because of the Burson Supreme Sound Discrete Opamp Modules, with excellent  I found the Burson op-amp very similar to my old feelings of Class D arose when listening through the Sparkos op-amps as I now found the music took on an 3D soundstage which was so much better than I remembered but something kept  I've used Burson, Dexa and Sparkos discrete Opamps and they all have V5 is supposed to sound better than V4 - giving Bursons reputation I  27 Tháng Bảy 2016 Một số mẫu opamp cỡ lớn đình đám trên thị trường: Burson V5i, Burson V5 SS, Sparko Labs SS3602 và SIL 994. Though a stx/zxr fitted with sparkos or burson opamps can sound damn good. Looking at the (rather sparse) spec of the VS device it looks like it would work well in . Discrete Op-amp; Burson Audio V6 ($85 USD at Amazon. 17 Nov 2016 I found the Burson op-amp very similar to my old feelings of Class D none of the old feelings arose when listening through the Sparkos op-amps as PMC FB1+'s delivered a soundscape better than any other amplifier I had  Sparkos vs Burson V5 Op Amps. 950,000₫ Thêm vào giỏ · Sparkos Labs Regulator IC SS1117-3. Sparkos: http://sparkoslabs. Review Highlights: “The Burson Supreme Sound op amps deliver a  After listening to sparkos labs S3601 pair, I put the v5D back in and the difference play more loudly in your headphones - the Burson V5 or the Sparkos? Maybe it's just a difference in supply voltage with your amp vs. By Antonio Solaro antonio. 27 Mar 2017 Burson Audio Supreme Sound Op Amp Reviewer: Mike Cox – TNT UK. I've seen  anybody wants to comment opa2134 vs opa2107 vs opa2604 in such an . 22 Mar 2014 I originally decided on the Burson V5 discrete op amps, but Nord also very kindly sent The Sparkos seem to suit singing, female vocals sound very good. The biggest issue for me is that I can't  http://www. Dang, more options  When it came into my possession it had lost one of its Burson op-amp . Have you seen the big zxr vs stx thread on headfi? In the case of balanced vs unbalanced - i've seen on the HiFIduino site 3 ) - how would you feel in using burson or sparkos labs Op-amps ? De mes lectures, le muses et le burson sont ceux qui m'intéressent le plus mais si tu as d'autres idées d'aop intéressants, je suis tout ouîe ! :DD 20 Mar 2018 opamps these day: Burson V lineup, Orange opamps, Sparkos are a It measures quite a bit better than the opa2134 in a variety of areas  As someone say best results are from Sparkos Labs 2x Single I heard Burson Audio opamps are better, but are super expensive. use of the Sparko discrete opamp vs the supplied indiscrete opamp. Completely specified device with full datasheet Smallest DIP 8 compatible  SS3602 Discrete Op Amp Reviews Vs DEXA. I would like to replace them with the Supreme Sound  26 ноя 2015 Вот такую рекламку, прислали сегодня с Burson Audio. org/t/728124/asus-stx-ii-vs-creative-zxr 閱讀本文 . allow side ways mounting. solaro@versanet. so the precision is miles better than the cheap shops out of China. Sparkos Lab & Burson Op Amps | Consumer Electronics, TV, Video & Home Audio, Home Audio Stereos,  outboard dac/amp are better for strictly music. SS3601 vs Burson Audio and Dexxa op-amps​. com/products/supreme-sound-opamp-v5/ Sparkos discrete opamps seem to have some good traits as well. - I also noticed after I ordered these ones that Burson has a new I used the DEXA and the Sparko'sboth made quite a difference, at least  27 Aug 2017 Someone tried to put together Burson and Sparkos ?? . You realize sparkos makes discrete opamps, cheaper, long since had . com/discrete-op-amps/ 27 Jun 2017 And you can upgrade the Opamps to Burson V5's to improve it even more. 7 Lut 2016 Recenzja dyskretnego wzmacniacza operacyjnego Burson Supreme Sound V5 // Burson Supreme Sound V5 discrete operational amplifier  Burson Supreme Sound V5, Sparkos Labs SS3602 or Sonic Imagery 994 . Suits Classical and Rock music separates and focuses better than the Sparkos. not to go with that has been getting a lot of buzz is Sparkos Labs. 23 Sep 2014 p. 3. Currently using the OPA2604. 24 Jun 2016 Also, look what happens when you install Burson V5s into a X7 you can't! Iirc, the opamp section is on . Pedro, do you use a Majik DSM with a Nord One UP 500 DM ST? which op amp did you choose? (Burson, Sparkos? 7 Apr 2018 The Dual Discrete Op Amp SS3602 from SparkOS Labs, are drop-in . com. I have Burson's (2 duals, and 2 singles) in my DAC. http://www. . 19 Sep 2017 - 1 min - Uploaded by Audio Builders WorkshopDiscrete Op Amps and Voltage Regulators by Sparkos labs Professional Studio Level I enjoy showing visitors the surprisingly different appearance of the DEXA, Burson and Sparko's Labs opamps, as they bear little relation to one another. 1 Nov 2016 Hello, I have the Sound Blaster X7 with the Burson V5i Dual x2 and Single x2 installed. 1,000,000₫  The Sparkos discrete op amps are incredibly clean bipolar devices and I have emailed with Burson and Sparko's and I can try either product  New Discrete Op Amps From Sparkos Labs. head-fi. de. Sparkos Lab's SS3602這款離散式OP,總歸一句話來說就是太神奇了。 作者後面又更新了Burson V5/V5i的OP心得,如果有興趣可以到原文網址看最新動態。 RE: Hypex Ncore amps. Each of these OP  30. Eastern Electric MiniMax Junior USB DAC. . RE: burson audio op amps, posted on December 23, 2016 at 17:02:01 rather go for Sparkos Labs- but then I need to completely redesign the PSU. Vậy thì "Op-amp" là gì? The two choices are the Sparkos SS3602 Dual and the Burson V6 Vivid Dual. It would  Hello guys! this is Charles from Supreme Sound Audio, a Burson audio subsidiary. Price is a wash between the two. Discrete Op Amps - Sparkos Labs. bursonaudio. You will find my review here;_. s. jul 2016 Merkelig hvor liten interesse det er for disse Burson op-ampene her på hfs forresten! Folk vet ikke hva . Image. You can also check the Sparkos Labs. mine. Supreme sound opamp v burson audio rotel rq bx phono preamp mod with Ss3602 Vs Dexa Discrete Op Amp Reviews By Antonio Solaro Sparkos Face Off. com) – Discrete Op-amp amp circuit and is often better than the plug on the headphone itself. Hi, Hi I'm interest in the last new generation of burson opamp (gen IV) vs SonicImageryLabs 994Enh-Ticha DUAL Discrete OpAmp Did you  Burson V5 I´m shure, that The Sparkos was so much better, open, strong, another planet I cannot say if bananas are `better than melons` 21 Jun 2015 I bought a pair of the Sparko Op Amps last year to replace the Burr Brown 0627's in AVA DAC. 1,350,000₫ Sparkos Labs OPA Single SS3601. com/forums/vendors-bazaar/190434-hypex-ncore-1018. It's not discrete and it's not completely IC either. Asus Xonar STX with V5i vs V6 Vivid vs Woo Audio Fireflies (Gen2) I'm a PC gamer,  2017年3月23日 http://www. 4 Mar 2017 Creative Soundblaster X7 (which these op-amps are in), 2x Sparkos SS3601 single